Inej Ryker
let’s get drunk together so I can kiss you and blame it on the vodka.
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Inej Ryker
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olivia (carolcorps)
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sophie cookson | @mine — @pinterest/shawn menndes
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alma, sofia, etta, callum, reggie, georgie, leslie, maeve & emna.
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thirty years old.
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too busy playing big sis'
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owner and chef @ the ryker's saloon.
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a new flat on crescent lane w/ zoya.
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oneyear; snowflake; pridemonth; toldasecret; moodboard; ceo; finger; cookies; late; bro; chatty; fighter; discoball; angel; demon; owl; flame; peach; tree; kids; luck; lgbt; crush; pacifier; tattoo; gym; topchef; fastfood; beer; outdoors; roadtrip; camping; guitar; netflix; horror; nerd; phone; smoke; alien; ghost; summer; halloween; aquarius;
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( ●●● ) off. (nomi, zoya/oliver, tony.) - vlad