Raphaël Desrosiers
once you're grown up, you can't go back.
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Raphaël Desrosiers
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mrs.brightside (marine)
face + © :
hnh © simple plan, kidd.
multinicks :
tommy ⋅ mila ⋅ anton ⋅ avery ⋅ owen ⋅ sören.
points :
age :
twenty eight y.o
♡ status :
pretending to pretend dating amber, married to ditta, officially single.
work :
graduate with a fine arts master, owner of the ' LUX ' in portland, full time kid.
home :
a house on ocean avenue (where kelley's crashing atm), but he's 90% of the time at amber's.
badges :
oneyear; onek; moodboard; proud; finger; owl; discoball; snake; romantic; money; lgtb; seriallover; relationship; wedding; doglover; gym; topchef; donut; coktail; travel; college; guitar; headphones; cinema; nerd; cars; alien; ghost; famous; mazerbird; summer; libra
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