Alma O'Hara
she was a very old soul in a very young body.
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Alma O'Hara
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olivia (carolcorps)
face + © :
amber heard | @romie — @pinterest/imagine dragons
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inej, sofia, etta, callum, reggie, georgie, leslie, maeve & emna.
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thirty years old.
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not ready to talk about it.
work :
genius — part time florist and false/new identities provider
home :
a small house by the sea on ocean avenue.
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oneyear; onek; agnes; moodboard; wbnative; proud; college; business; conman; brain; clean; early; bro; dreamer; owl; romantic; spend; tree; kids; activist; lgbt; wealthy; crush; doglover; catalover; beautyqueen; smellsgood; tattoo; runner; yoga; horseriding; vegan; topchef; wine; green; outdoors; roadtrip; travel; galaxy; netflix; books; nerf; hacker; hightech; phone; tools; mecanic; boat; astro; hippie; 90s; spring; capricornus;
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