Etta Moreno
i'm gonna beat the shit out of satan.
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Etta Moreno
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olivia (carolcorps)
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gal gadot | @mellow bird — @tumblr/tommee profitt
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alma, inej, sofia, callum, reggie, georgie, leslie, maeve & emna.
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[ 28|10 ] thirty eight years old.
♡ status :
divorced. — love is for children.
work :
daveys owner — vice president of the northern blackhawks motorcycle club.
home :
a small flat on pioneer oak.
badges :
oneyear; moodboard; business; brain; polyglot; cookies; early; fighter; lonewolf; mirror; owl; flame; grumpy; tree; cuffs; divorce; pacifier; catlover; runner; beer; topchef; roadtrip; city; artist; disney; books; mecanic; cars; bikers; autumn; scorpio;
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