Noko Jóannsdóttir
take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footprints.
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Noko Jóannsdóttir
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olivia (carolcorps)
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pom klementieff | @mine — @beyoncé/pinterest
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alma, inej, sofia, etta, reggie, georgie, leslie & maeve.
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thirty four years old.
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falling for him without even knowing it.
work :
former concert violinist — now music teacher and apothecary on her free time.
home :
a small house in the forest, with tipi and sully.
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oneyear; moodboard; wbnative; dreamcatcher; proud; bro; romantic; crush; catlover; yoga; vegan; tea; outdoors; travel; earth; photo; guitar; headphones; books; famous; winter; virgo;
Lun 15 Juil - 10:43
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boom, butterfly effect

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