Owen Valentine
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Owen Valentine
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mrs.brightside (marine)
face + © :
r.madden + kidd, calvaries, bon jovi.
multinicks :
tommy ⋅ mila ⋅ raph ⋅ anton ⋅ avery ⋅ sören.
points :
age :
thirty-two y.o.
♡ status :
patching himself together with some damn good tequila and her friends.
work :
actor on a break, currently working on his first script. he just started as a dj 3 nights / week at the "dusk till dawn" (portland).
home :
the majestic for now.
badges :
oneyear; onek; toldasecret; early; romantic; money; divorce; pacifier; gym; tea; coffee; travl; college; photo; artist; books; famous; netflix; autumn; gemini
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