Winona Hale
just like all the pretty lights in the sky.
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Winona Hale
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max @ lannisters.
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nathalie emmanuel — © loraaaa, pinterest stuff.
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beau, ryke, selina, tinsley.
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thirty year old.
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single now.
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used to work as the personal assistant for the secretary of states, now she's unemployed.
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house @ ocean avenue.
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wbnative; oneyear; moodboard; proud; cookies; vegan; crush; romantic; college; politic; beautyqueen; yoga; cocktail; beautyqueen; yoga; cocktail; tea; spring; leo; netflix; mazebird; earth; cinema; brain; polyglot; early; chatty; dreamer; angel; tree; kids; activist; doglover; smellsgood; vegan; history; karaoke; books; phone; tarot; 90s;
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boom, butterfly effect

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