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Ven 16 Juin - 10:01
Yuri Moon
the midnight sky is the road I'm takin'.
Yuri Moon

date d'inscription :
messages :
name :
lora (ōkami).
face + © :
kim jisoo — self (av), lisanamjoon (sign).
multinicks :
trigger :
à voir ensemble.
warning :
maltraitance sur mineur (passé), mention de violences physiques, activités illégales/mafia, morally gray.
age (birth) :
twenty seven (16/01).
♡ status :
engaged to bad decisions · w/ dahlia.
work :
owner of the illūnis (cabaret/casino), singer and burlesque dancer (and some illegal stuff...).
activities :
making money, taking care of her business.
home :
caravan by the sea.
moodboard :

chapter one


« if i told you about the darkness inside of me, would you still look at me like i'm the sun? »

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forgive me mother for I have sinned
w/ caelum · memories

badges :
moodboard; ceo; orgacrime; puppet; owl; romantic; kinky; money; early; angel; demon; lgbt; catlover; beautyqueen; smellsgood; yoga; dance; organ; topchef; spicy; wine; sealife; travel; blm; karaoke; netflix; gun; feminist; capricornus;
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