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Ven 16 Juin - 10:01
Sijia Han
I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.
Sijia Han

date d'inscription :
messages :
name :
lora (ōkami), elle/she.
face + © :
xu jiaqi — olympia (av), reveluvgifs (sign).
multinicks :
minha · yuri · ellie · nara.
trigger :
à voir ensemble.
warning :
anxiété, ptsd, mode de vie survivaliste, abandon.
age (birth) :
twenty-six (21/11).
♡ status :
doesn't even know what it means.
work :
online studying, working at 'galaxy quests' and counselor at 'camp tomahawk lake'.
activities :
hunting, fishing, exploring, avoiding cannibals.
home :
pioneer oak, with shiloh.
moodboard :

是不是孤单过 才学会长大

here's to the girls

whose fathers broke their heart before any boy could.

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badges :
curious; fighter; chatty; lonewolf; green; outdoors; fisherman; galaxy; tools; gun; autumn; scorpio; archer; halloween21; artist;
membre depuis 4 ans