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Dim 27 Aoû - 23:09
Katarina Myers
taking this one to the grave.
Katarina Myers

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all souls (maryne)
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z.kravitz @ndia(av)
multinicks :
jodie, gabriela, riley, jax, jean & noa
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age (birth) :
30 [27.05]
♡ status :
still in love with E. and pregnant + Maya's mom
work :
owner of rainy river flowers & yoga teacher, twice a week
activities :
making it up to eugene, tryin to not murder wayne, helping at the northern paiute reserve
badges :
moodboard; onek; detective; college; record; finger; chatty; fighter; discoball; mirror; demon; flame; peach; kinky; spend; wealthy; seriallover; crush; orphan; beautyqueen; tattoo; pizza; icecream; coffee; wine; cocktail; sealife; art; photo; horror; phone; cars; smoke; ghost; tarot; astro; witch; feminist; autumn; halloween;
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